Groovy Soca 2012 #51

01.Musical Mix /BCR Mix
02.Bacchanalist----Kerwin Du Bois
03.Shiver----Nadia Batson
04.In Your Eyes----Erphaan Alves
05.Vibes Cant Done----Machael Montano
06.I Am Soca----Patrice Robert/Kerwin Du Bios
07.Surrender----Farmer Nappy
08.Single Forever----K.I /Machel
09.Runaway----Bunji Garland/Kerwin
11.Trouble----Shall Marchell
12.Action----Jigga TC
13.Jiggle It ----Inches /Shurwayne Winchester
14.Nothing Less----K.Rich
15.All Over----Fay-Ann/Barron
16.True Story----Benjai
17.Garlic Sauce----All Rounder
18.On The Avenue----Machel Montano
19.People's Champion----Benjai
20.Bottle Of Rum----Machel Montano
21.Mr.Fete----Machel Montano
22.In Charge----Machel Montano
23.Call Me----Ola Tunji
24.We Time----JW & Blaze
25.So And So----
26.So And So----Bunji Garland
27.Destory Everthing----Maximus Dan
28.Leh We Wuk----jahmoun /Umi Marcarno
29.Represent----Machel Montano
30.Bubble On A DJ----Swappi
31.Type A Wine----Shall Marchell

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